Matthew Potter was born in Long Beach, California in the summer of 1980; the only child to an aspiring author and a street-wise entrepenuer.

He grew up in and around the Los Angeles area, where he fell in love with sports and entertainment. Though he always preferred the “behind the scenes” of its media and human beings, as he looked to discover the strings that connected all of them. He poured himself over rules, tools, players and stats, games, and stories. He observed, in thought, and learned, as much as possible, the systems that made up the many worlds that he was a part of.

In grade school he ended up in a class for students with special needs (which is where we met). Though, it turned out, afterall, that we were both just bored with the elementary curriculum. In high school, he took honors courses in English and math and it was easy for him.

At 18 years old, he set off, on his own, into the business world. His first job was selling audio systems for Best Buy. Then, he sold phone plans for Verizon. Then, he sold and managed talent for a talent agency out of LA. He aimed at directing films and wrote a feature-length screenplay.

Yet, in 2012 he moved to Arizona, where he entered the solar energy business. He worked for the big solar companies, but was disheartened by their inefficient methods.

So he started his own company, to try to do solar the right way. Now, he spends his time connecting disparate people, services and products, through various channels of communication, while walking or driving around.