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Help Your Clients Save and Make Money with Solar by Partnering with Fritts Today!

Watch this short video on how the program works


1) Monetize Database

Upload your client list into our Fritts App and have full transparency on when we talk to them, sit with them and sign them plus the status of their entire Solar Project! YOU have full approval of what we will send them through our software that texts as the Rep for the Rep from our VA team.

2) Referral Directory

We will average 4-5 referrals from every client and every person who disqualifies but still wants to Advocate our solar education platform. ALL of these referrals YOU WILL get paid. A special arrangement can be allocated to you OUTSIDE of our normal advocate program that is highly lucrative.

3) Cross Promote

Selling digital is an art that we have perfected in an industry that doesn't sell online! Let us help you convert this ENTIRE referral directory into sales back into YOUR business. This is FREE of charge, a value added service where you will have access to do the campaign yourself OR have us do it with you and for you just like we do for our Reps!

Summer's come early

Help your clients lock in their rates before these high summer bills coming early and get a Fritts COVID-19 Cash Back to weather this storm.