Things come and go in the universe, though, nothing stays (with or away) forever. Instead, all things (from atoms to galaxies) exist as individual, overlapping systems/ circles. Within them: nothing is added or removed, without adding or removing something else; and nothing comes or goes, without coming from or going somewhere else. Nothing exists in, complete, isolation. Everything is connected. This is how it all works, and why:

  • Fritts Electric Company loves sustainability. We serve our customers, but not at the expense of our environment, because we don’t see them as entirely seperate. Helping one, harms another (or vice-versa). So, we choose to care for it all.
  • We disagree with the modern scattered/ schizophrenic approach to living. We disregard hard-lines between: our business and personal lives; our present and future; “us” and “them”. These terms are necessary for language, but arbitrary in nature. Things and their relationships are much more complex.
  • So, we choose sustainability over extinction. We choose balance, as an ideal, between our lives’ and earth’s “life”. We choose not to rape and pillage our home, but to take, only, what we need and to put things back. We choose to minimize our impact on ‘other’ systems, so that they can flourish and reward us, in turn. This is a greater sustainability.

For our friends, family, and customers, we help with more of an individual sustainability. We save them time and energy researching. We provide free energy audits to find inefficiencies, and use that data to recommend practices and products to lower their energy consumption. We provide them options (when they have none) regarding where they get their electricity. We give them an opt-out from the energy monopolies, by allowing them to generate their own, cleaner, cheaper electricity. All with the goal of helping their ability to sustain their individual circles.